Who Is Masina Wright?

“When I was 5, I knew I would be a doctor…. or a hairdresser.”

Dr. Masina Wright is an expert in regenerative and restorative health.  She provides consultation and treatment in the medical specialties of anti-aging medicine with a particular interest in all women’s health, gender diversity, and fertility.

As a leader in the field of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Wright brings Naturopathic wisdom to the Age Management Center. Trained to understand the intricacies of modern health, she is sophisticated yet intuitive in her approach, cutting edge and yet traditional. She works with people of all genders seeking anti-aging medicine and bio-identical hormone therapy. She loves exploring the intricate balance of hormones, including thyroid, adrenal and neurotransmitters as well.

In addition to hormonal health, Dr. Wright excels in complex medical cases that cross specialty boundaries. She has significant experience in liver health, stress related conditions, inflammatory bowel disease and “undiagnosed” medical health issues. She works with patients to rediscover that illusive sense of health and well-being.

Licensed in the State of Maine and Province of Ontario, Dr. Wright spent the first eleven years of her career in Toronto serving a diverse, urban population. She was clinic faculty at her alma mater, the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine for several years as well.  Dr. Wright moved to Maine in 2011, joining Dr. Bedecs and the Age Management Center team.  She has studied with the best teachers in the field of anti-aging medicine and Trans* medicine, and is current with the most innovative and personalized programs for optimal hormone performance.

The concierge medicine style of practice at Age Management allows her to give patients that which most doctors cannot – adequate time and personal attention. She says “The art of medicine is not simply the prescription alone. The Dr-Patient relationship makes the difference.  It is the quality time spent with each patient that allows me to put the pieces together and recreate the whole.”

In August 2015, Dr. Wright returned to full time academics to improve her clinical skills and upgrade her prescribing acumen. She continues to practice medicine on a part-time basis at Age Management Center in Portland, Maine.


15 thoughts on “Who Is Masina Wright?

  1. Hi Dr. Wright,

    Would you happen to know where in the greater Portland area I could purchase the Chinese cough syrup, Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa? If you do, would you e-mail me the information? My e-mail address is gdexter62@yahoo.com. Thank you !


    Gordon Dexter

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    But should remark on some general things, The site style is great, the articles
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  3. Hello Dr. Wright,

    I coincidentally came across your Twitter page today. Our like names caught my eye and when I went to your page, I immediately resonated with your medical style. I am a holistic coach and care coordinator for Lyme and chronically ill clients. I will be in PA mid September doing a 2 day retreat for said clients and plan to cross over into Maine after. Jenny Rush, of Lyme Thriving, and I cohost these retreats. She is the the more spiritual/emotional healing side of our duo and I am the “get to the physiological roots” side. We plan a potential reunion with last years retreaters, after the PA retreat, near the site of our retreat lFall 2014 in Bideford, Maine. I would love to meet you at your practice of possible. I am always searching for physicians, who share my healing philosophies, to which to refer my clients.

    My website delivers much of what I am about, if you would like to know me better. There are links on my website to my Twitter and Facebook pages, the later to which I post more heavily than on my website.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to connect with you.

    Jenna Wright-Basically Well
    Holistic Coaching and Care Coordination Services

  4. Hi!
    I was reading your page on endomitriosis. You mention pancreatic enzymes to help with the scar tissue. I have recently heard about pancreatic enzymes being helpful for many things. You do not mention whether plant or animal source pancreatic enzymes are preferred. The plant based enzymes come from a mold, I believe. Since we have been exposed to toxic mold and are still recovering, I think the animal source enzymes would be best for us. Will these work to eliminate the scar tissue? Is there one brand that is better than another? Thank you for your help!

  5. I really was excited to read the article on what to eat when you have PCOS, until, you suggested Tofu and any soy. According to every alternative medicine doctor I have ever seen, soy in any form is to be avoided. I am curious what information you have that would be different then what they have. Soy is very hard to avoid so a little lee-way would be nice.

    • If you look in the comments on that page, there are several links to evidence based resources as many others have asked the same questions. The basic philosophy is PCOS is estrogen dominant, and non-GMO, organic soy is anti-estrogenic.

  6. Dr. Wright, I am the scrawny, iron deficient, anemic professor you treated last Friday in the MMC ER. I praised you to Dr. Sweeney if you can remember.
    I was unshaven and grubby looking at the time. I was impressed because you acted like a real doctor and actually looked at the patient (me). I would like to talk to you. (1) I’m a jock who hates getting old and (2) you recommended an iron supplement to me and I can’t make out your writing. Appointment?

    • Hi Jim! The product is Blood Builder by Megafoods. Whole Foods or Coastal Pharmacy would carry it. 2 tabs daily with food for 6 months. I would be happy to have an initial appointment if you would like. You can call the office at 207-774-1356 to schedule. I am only working the second Saturday of each month, so March! Masina

  7. p.s. You were kind enough to try to wheel me outside on a bitter, wet, cold night
    which impressed the hell out of me. You made me take a cab when I was going to walk three blocks to my car. You were right. The story has a funny ending between myself and the cab driver. Jim Friedman

  8. Dr. Wright,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I ordered the iron supplement. Would you
    have time to see me on a Saturday in March? Afternoons are better for me, but would take any slot you have.
    Jim Friedman

  9. Dr. Wright,
    I set up an initial appointment with you March 9th. I look forward to it.
    Jim Friedman

  10. Masina,
    First thank you for seeing me today. Tonight I spoke at length with Dr. Dermot Killian, the excellent physician I told you about. He was all on board with everything you told me today. He said the U.S. Navy uses the testosterone therapy frequently. My only problem will be costs, but I think I understood you today as suggesting that assuming a blood test shows I’m low on the hormone you could give me the first injection and teach me to inject myself. Correct me if I’m wrong. In any case given my current weakness and depression, I’d like to get an appointment to get the whole process started as soon as possible. If you have time to see me again, great. Or if you want to hand me over to Dr. Bedecs
    now, feel free to do so.
    I hope you get what you want with residency placement. Again thanks.
    Jim Friedman

    • Jim! I only just now saw this message. My apology for not getting back to you sooner. I did hear from dr Bedecs and Kristen that you were seeing him, so I was confident you are in good hands. Please email me directly at therealwrightdoctor@gmail.com in the future so I can get the messages in time! I am heading to residency in ABQ New Mexico – really looking forward to the program, it is excellent.
      All the best,

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