Boutique Medicine Designed

I am very excited about my new logo designed by I was speaking with a valued mentor and friend today about Boutique Medicine and the innovative and yet old-fashioned concept of having a Dr on call, able to come to your home when s/he is needed, or to answer a medical phone call after hours or one weekends…. And I had the image of the old physicians bag come to mind. I have been branding the yellow cross – yellow for intellect, optimism, happiness and communication – and of course health care, and this is the brilliant marriage of the two!

Boutique medicine (home, skype or phone visits) are often combined with what is called Concierge Medicine. Patients “sign on” with a physician for a set monthly fee, which gives them unlimited access to the MD, ND, or DO for the year. This fee is usually derived from a simple math equation that includes the average # of visits per year, at an average cost per visit, divided by 12 and paid on a monthly basis. Concierge Doctors work outside of the standardized healthcare system, thus avoiding insurance companies entirely. At this point, I am only working on the Boutique model, but I may implement Concierge Medicine in the future. Would you be interested? Email me your opinions at, I would love to know! All emails are confidential.


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