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10320307_1023950534329375_6139811491305383059_nIntegrative Medicine relies on the rich information about your health that can only be garnered through time. By spending time together I am able to synthesize a treatment plan that treats your whole person, not just a medley of seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Our initial visit is 60 Р90 minutes. It allows us to talk in depth about your chief concerns, and for me to get an overall sense of your past/present health and a snapshot of your disposition. At the initial visit I often ask about homelife, relationships, family, and work  in addition to a thorough review of systems and health analysis. This consultation is an investment for both of us, and is the foundation of the therapeutic relationship.

Follow up consultations may be 15-60 minutes in length, with the most common visit time at 30 minutes. Generally, I book one follow up visit per month for the first three months following the initial consult to evaluate your treatment plans effectiveness and address anything new.

Please email me at @therealwrightdoctor@gmail.com to discuss if a consultation is appropriate given my limited availability. I am not offering primary care and cannot bill through insurance at this time. .

Fee Schedule for Dr. Wright: Integrative Medicine Consultations

90 Minute Initial: $300

30 Minute Follow Up: $75.00

45 Minute Follow Up: $120.00

15 Minutes: $40

Sliding Scale: Two 45 Minute Initial Consults for $75 each. I understand that $300 may be cost prohibitive for some people. It is important to have a complete initial visit in order to offer you the best and most effective treatment possible. If you feel you qualify for the sliding scale initial visit offer,  you must book (and attend) two 45 minute consults within 6 weeks to reach the full intake visit. Please read my Financial Accessibility link for more information on the sliding scale. http://thewrightdoctor.com/about/financial-accessibility/

I also provide deep sliding scale and barter for trans identified folks. Please contact me directly with questions.


1 thought on “Fee Schedule

  1. Dr. Wright,
    I just wrote to you asking for a 90 minute initial visit in March (afternoons preferred, but would take any slot). I realize I should have called in after I
    reread what you wrote. I hope to hear back from you, but if I don’t I’ll call in for an appointment.
    Jim Friedman

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