A Dr’s Path: Trans* Medicine

I am sitting in Justice in the Body for my final (or almost final) day of working at the Trans Health Clinic. I started this project in 2013 as a way of both supporting local Transgender/Transsexual and Gender Queer health with Sliding Scale Integrative Medicine, and as a way to improve my own clinical skills for this community. After nearly 2 years and about 20 patients, some of whom have been consistent regulars and some of whom just came in once or twice, I am so grateful for this experience and sad to have to let it go. I have treated several out of state patients, seen many gender variations, and many physical and emotional conditions. I have also gotten to be a resource for a number of youth looking for transition services.

It has been extremely frustrating not to have a full scope of practice. In the state of Maine I cannot Rx testosterone or spironolactone/ anti-androgens under my current license. What good is a trans doc that cant help you transition?? After smashing my 6 feet against this glass ceiling for 2 years, I am finally going to do something about it.

As of August 1, 2015, I will be enrolled in full time medical school, attending University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2019. The Plan is to study Endocrinology with a focus on Trans Medicine, and become the most kick-ass Trans* Health doctor I can possibly be – with full prescribing rights and the ability to work WITHIN the system to support you, my favorite patients.


Update: Its 2020 and I am doing an Internal Medicine Residency at the  University of New Mexico Hospital! I am in Albuquerque and working as a primary care doc at North East Heights Family Medicine, as well as doing hospitalist work at UNMH and the local VA. I welcome new patients of all genders and love working with clinicians to improve trans health competency and medical knowledge.




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