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Financial accessibility to health care is one of my founding principles as a doctor. I offer a sliding scale to accommodate those who cannot afford to pay the full out-of-pocket fees for my services. I believe it is important that everyone feel empowered to prioritize health and wellness at a cost they can afford. I provide this service because I believe in the power of Integrative Medicine and in serving humanity  – both callings of a physician.

I am always willing to dialogue about financial need. I am offering shorter initial visits for sliding scale patients that are more affordable. Working with the full 90 minute initial visit *is* and continues to the the best way to begin treatment – it allows us to take a complete case history and make the most comprehensive and effective treatment plan. The new shorter 45 minute initial visit is half the price, and allows patients to  spread the financial cost of health care over several weeks/ paychecks. It may take longer to address every health concern; however, in 45 minutes we are still able to get a solid start on treating the cause. For the full fee schedule please see:

For patients who are truly low income, I will still offer very low cost care. For my own insurance purposes, I will need a form signed declaring that you are unable to afford full payment due to personal poverty.

Factors to consider when asking for sliding scale:

Social status
Safety net
Family support
Regular paycheck
Rent or own home
Is home paid off
Savings account
Retirement plan
Professional status
Future income potential
Want vs Need
Do you have dependents
Choices about how to make money
Means of transportation
Access to credit
Inheritance/ trust fund

Do you feel too broke to pay for a visit, because you just bought $100 shoes? What is good medicine worth to you in comparison to material goods? Are you cash poor this week because you are paying for a larger expense, but own a home and have a regular paycheck? Perhaps you are richer in privilege and resources than you thought!

I also accept partial or full barter for service as a means of  exchange. I have bartered for graphic design, carpentry, seamstress work , gluten free baked goods, cleaning services, Reiki, web design, books, cookbooks and hair cuts in exchange for patient services.

Health care is for everyone, and I will always be accessible for you. All you need to do is ask. By this article I in no way want to challenge my patients to pay more than you can afford; I also need to ensure that my time and education and services are  viewed as valuable. Money is a delicate but important subject to dialogue about. Its difficult to bring up but you can feel safe with me. Once you have done your own homework of looking honestly at your own factors to consider, I will consider my own factors of time and resources, and we can work out a financial arrangement together.


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