10 Steps Towards Getting that Mothers Day Card

or, Ten Steps To Getting Pregnant

1. Set a “start trying” date. Six months before, do a detoxification with your local Naturopathic Doctor.

2. After your detox, start optimizing your menstrual cycle. Address cramps, heavy or scanty flow, PMS, and harmonize your cycle.

3. Get a complete hormone panel – either salivary or bloodwork. Test FSH, Estrogen Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, AMH, TSH, fT3, AntiThyroid Ab and T4  Hormones. Get a PAP, vaginal swab, HIV, HCV test and complete STD panel. Treat any imbalances.

4. Have your husband, boyfriend, babydaddy or sperm doner do all the same testing including semen analysis.

5. Start 3 months of cycle charting. Wake up each morning and track your temperature. Add Ovulation Predictor Kits if you want. Start to understand when in the month you ovulate. Learn to read your own signs of fertility. See http://www.tcoyf.com for more information and resources.

6. Get a sonohystogram to rule out fibroids, endometrial polyps, and blocked fallopian tubes.

7. Relax. Enjoy your wonderful lifestyle. Be grateful for all you have. Relax some more. Have fun.

8. Start taking folic acid, prenatal vitamins, and fish oils. See your Naturopathic Doctor or Homeopath to work on any lingering health issues or emotional blocks that could complicate your conception.

8. Find a symbol or icon for your own fertility journey. Peonies, rabbits, eggs, ankhs, tree of life, Venus of Willadorf, lotus flowers, cats, rain, the moon, terra-cotta elephants, peacocks, parrots, turtles, frogs, moonstones and rose quartz all have historical fertility iconography.

9. Believe in your Self. Make an affirmation for your own fertility and repeat it regularly.

10. Get Pregnant! When you are ovulating, watching your own bodies fertile signs, get your eggs, and his sperms together, and make yourself a brand new baby!


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