What is LGBT HRT?

For some members of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual community, standard bioidentical hormone replacement therapy will provide optimized hormone levels in the conventional ratios of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and DHEA. However, not all people want to be gendered in conventional ways. Some women may feel more comfortable with higher testosterone levels than others; some women will convert completely to a male gender through transition. Similarly, some men may want lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen, and others may choose to transition entirely to a female-bodied existence.

We understand the fluidity of gender and hormones. Our doctors are clinically trained in tailoring transition protocols to fit your vision. We respect the diversity of each person’s lived and chosen gender experience, and want to be part of your hormone journey.  We are willing to work with you to find the optimized balance of hormones that work for you as a unique individual = whether you are just considering transition,  living as a fully transitioned transsexual or still finding your point of balance in between, we are here for you.

Our philosophy works within a classic anti-aging paradigm, regardless of gender presentation. With the exception of progesterone, we all have the same hormones, just in varying levels. Optimization from an anti-aging perspective ensures that your target hormones are in peak levels for your chosen gender, with minimized inflammatory and fat-causing side effects. To achieve this we use the highest quality compounded bioidentical hormones and professional quality botanicals, vitamins, minerals, nutrition and stress management techniques.

Our unique integrative approach goes beyond the basic reproductive hormones estradiol and testosterone. We also evaluate and treat cortisol levels, optimize thyroid and address insulin and IGF-1 hormone levels. It is well known that LGB and Trans* people suffer from higher stress than most of the population due to societal and family pressures. Therefore, treating the whole person is key to effective metabolic performance and lasting success.


2 thoughts on “LGBT HRT

  1. Hi — Dr Walji pointed me in your direction. I’m trying to track down some data to support adding progesterone to the hormone mix for MtF transition as the anxiety and depression just keeps building, and I’ve been advised that progesterone can act as a mood stabilizer. The doctor overseeing the transition is reluctant to add progesterone until he has a medical case for it including numbers and expectations. I’m having no luck and I wanted to know if this type of thing is within your experience/expertise?

    • Hello! Thank you so much for reaching out. Bioidentical progesterone in trans health has minimal actual research/evidence for its use so it isnt in the standards of care YET. There is a good amount of clinical experience, especially in AMAB transfeminine youth. I personally have used it with great results, and am very comfortable prescribing it. Jo Olson-Kennedy at UCLA may have some unpublished data?

      I work at NorthEast Heights Family Medicine clinic and would be happy to transition care or talk to your PCP if you already have a good relationship built. The nu,ebr there is 272-2700 or you can email me directly at

      Thank again for reaching out! Masina

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