Materia Medica, Or, the Dispositional State

Homeopathic Diagnosis and Prescription are part of classical Naturopathic Medicine. Its taught every semester of the 4 year post-graduate program to become a ND, alongside our other basic modalities of Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, Nutrition, and Physical Medicine. Personally,  I have always had an equal passion for Homeopathy as for Acupuncture. For the first half of my professional career, I focused more on Continuing Education in Chinese Medicine – learning the historical and modern teachings of acupuncture, fertility and gynecology. However, I have continued to practice homeopathy throughout, balancing the two according to individual case needs.

Two years ago, I was finally able to take a Master Clinician course in Homeopathy from Louis Klein – –  a brilliant teacher and practitioner of Homeopathy. The course is 4 weekends a year for 3 years, and has focused on relearning remedies from an entirely new perspective without the classical bias of archetypal polychrest homeopathy. The course has also emphasized case taking, and has revolutionized how I view a client, and can categorize the information while deconstructing a case. Each semester investigates a different group of remedies – i.e. minerals, acids, insects, milks, plant families – and delves deeply into the psychology, pathology, and physical presentation of each subsection of the Materia Medica. Its been utterly and completely fascinating.

Now that I will be moving from a province where Acupuncture is licensed under my Naturopathic Degree to a State where Acupuncture is a separate license, I will be drawing more deeply from the well of homeopathic knowledge. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine will always remain a passion for me – And I will continue to develop my academics to ensure that I can get my L. Ac as soon as possible. However, I am excited on a personal and professional level to further develop my homeopathic case taking and prescribing skills with this new level of academic mastery.

As one patient described it, the correct homeopathic remedy has the power “to unlock that tiny door to your heart, and finally let the light shine through.” That is, If, the doctor is perceptive enough, and trained well enough in Materia Medica, to be able to recognize the size and shape of that oh-so-personal key.

The Fairer Sex – Gender Bias in Homeopathy


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