Recovering from Laser Eye Surgery

I am 13 days post Lasik Eye Surgery, and I can happily say the surgery was a complete success. The journey hasn’t nearly been as simple as they would have suggested at the first consultations though. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I certainly have quite a few more recommendations than they suggest!

First, and foremost, my clinics literature suggested that the day after surgery I could “go to school or work.” And, while I did indeed see two patients the following day (IVF acupuncture that was time sensitive) my eyes would have been Much Happier had I Stayed home and Rested them. Therefore, my recommendation to all future patients would be to book a minimum of 2 days off work post surgery for R&R. Its also very important especially the day of the surgery to have someone to bring you food and check in on you. I found my left eye especially was *very* scratchy and sore, and I just needed to lie quietly with my eyes shut. Cooking or preparing snacks, or even being up and walking around wasnt much of an option. Schedule a friend to come over and hang out for the 5-6 hours after surgery. I wasnt in pain, but just needed to lie quietly with sunglasses and closed eyes…. Take Out Thai was delicious!

I wasnt able to watch TV or read for a good week after the procedure – then again I had some inflammation and complications. I suggest getting a book or two on audio for entertainment. Its hard to lie quietly for hours on end! I greatly enjoyed Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody detective book “The Mummy Case.”

Finally, I have a few therapeutic suggestions based on my experience. First, for about 2 weeks pre and post surgery, its helpful to take a supplement to promote eye health. The one I liked best after surveying the options was NFH Vision SAP. NFH is a Canadian company and may not be available in the US. This improves blood flow to the eye and helps promote ocular health overall. Several studies also suggest Omega 3 and 6 are important for post-surgical recovery. EPA and DHA in fish oils were evidenced to increase tear volume and decrease inflammation as well as assist in regeneration of corneal nerves.(see references at end of article.) I took 2 tsp daily of Metagenics EPA:DHA 1:1. For omega 6 oils I use olive oil, and increased my sunflower and sesame seed intake (on salads.)I also increased blueberries for the week before and after surgery for their proanthocyanadins – chemicals for the blood vessels of the eyes –  and carrots for the carotinoids, long associated with good vision!

Finally, Homeopathic medicine is brilliant for post surgical recovery for several reasons. The primary reason is that there is no risk of interaction between medications. Secondarily, and as important, they work fantastically well. I recommend 2 remedies post-surgery.

  • Symphytum 200ch – This is a first line trauma remedy, and is “the arnica of the eyeball.” 2 pellets 4 times a day for the first 2 days. This will be the same as your eyedrop schedule from the MD.
  • Euphrasia 30ch – 2 pellets twice daily from day 3 until your eyes stop feeling inflammed. This remedy is for corneal inflammation and redness.

No one talks about the Psychological effect of the surgery; however, this has been an unexpectedly important part of my recovery. I didnt know how much I appreciated my “bedroom eyes” or soft vision until it was gone. Having sharp as a tack vision 24-7 is a new experience, and others who have had the same surgery have told me it takes up to 6 months for the brain to really adjust to the change in eyesight. I believe it! It was also quite scary to have my vision be blurry at times for the week following the surgery. I ended up having to go back daily for follow-ups to assess my vision and recovery as my eyes were inflamed. Waking up each morning with scratchy blurry eyes and having to lie there and apply drops and rest was stressful! However, with time and rest, my eyes did heal on their own, and as of today (day 13) I barely needed the morning lubrication.

All in all, I am so grateful that I gave myself this surgery. Many times I have reached up as if to remove my glasses before doing something like lying down or getting in the tub and behold! No Glasses! It Is a surgery though, and as such there needs to be some time and space carved out of your daily life for recovery.

Summary of Key Points:

  • Take a Vision support formula for 2 weeks before surgery and finish the bottle.
  • Take 1200mg EPA & DHA for 2 weeks before and 1 month after surgery.
  • Take  2 days off work post surgery.
  • Have a friend to help you at home after the surgery.
  • Symphytum 200ch for day of and day after
  • Euphrasia 30ch for days 3+ after surgery
  • Make sure to rest and give yourself recovery time for 2 weeks after.
  • Enjoy your fantastic vision!

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2 thoughts on “Recovering from Laser Eye Surgery

  1. Thank you for your post. I had LASIK 25 days ago and actually have been suffering since. I have a job that requires constant computer use and am also enrolled in online classes all PC based. The surgery is a great idea, however I have yet to be happy about it. I find the constant discomfort is a big hurdle when it comes to accomplishing everyday task. I know my daily routines are the cause of my sweeling and truly wish I had this information before hand. I would not had been so eager to have it done. Your advice is good. I actually started on arnica, grahite, and ruta prior to the procedure. I also loaded up on carrots, walnuts, and cod liver oil daily before and daily now. The ega 3’s really do help with dryness. Thank you for your post.

  2. Hello do u recommend a remedy for the halos at night? People said it could take a while for those to go away.. I had – 6.25 in both eyes with – 1.75 of astigmatism… My distance is still a. It blurry and its been 3 weeks since my surgery.. Thank you for ur post gonna start eating Euphrasia now as it still feels like I have contacts in..

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