Optimizing Diet For Radioactive Protection

Complimentary Medicine Radio-Protective Guidelines: How to protect your body from radiation.

The Japan Nuclear Crisis brought nuclear radiation poisoning back into the forefront of our consumer minds, as much to our dismay the whole world watched the reactors teeter on the edge of implosion. Iodine was handed out to the local inhabitants like tic tacs as people did what they could to protect their lives. The imminent crisis has passed, but local foods were poisoned, and radiation leaked into the Pacific Ocean, a world food source. Everyone on the planet will be affected by this disaster.

Nuclear radiation is an ongoing concern, with effects that can takes months, years, and centuries to clear. Nutritionally protecting our genes (for our next generations) and our cells (for our well being) is even more of a priority than ever before.Using these supplements and treatment principals you can diminish the effects of all kinds of radiation – nuclear and xray – and protect your health. It is well known than radioactive iodine has an affinity for the ovaries and the thyroid. Radioactive iodine 131 (from nuclear plant emissions, x-rays, and radiotherapy) is very readily absorbed. Ensuring adequate natural iodine from food sources can and will prevent the radioactive iodine from binding to these sensitive organs and from the potentially harmful genetic effects down the road.

Iodine: There is evidence based research that Iodine has a radioprotective effect. It prevents the assimilation of radioactive iodine at a cellular level. It has also been shown to reduce the effects of renal calculi, improve thyroid function, be a factor in fetal development, and influence fibrocystic breast disease.


• Adults 150 mcg day
• Children 90-120 mcg /day
• Pregnancy 220 mcg/day
• Breastfeeding 290 mcg/day

Dietary sources of Iodine:

Kelp 3400 mcg 1 tsp
Arame 730 mcg 1 Tbs
Wakame 80 mcg 1 Tbs
Nori 32 mcg 1 sheet

Cod 341 mcg 3 ounces
Shrimp 79 mcg 3 ounces
Halibut 56 mcg 3 ounces
Herring 56 mcg 3 ounces
Sardines 30 mcg 3 ounces
Tuna 17 mcg 3 ounces

Iodized salt 76mcg  1 tsp

Cow’s milk (US) 56 mcg 1 cup
Mozzarella cheese 10 mcg 1 ounce
Yogurt 87 mcg 1 cup

Turkey breast 34 mcg 3 ounces
Strawberries 12 mcg 1 cup
Egg 23 mcg 1egg

Iodoral TM 12,000 mcg 1 tab
Lugol’s TM 5% 6250 mcg Per drop
Typical multi vitamin 150 mcg Per serving


Organic iodine is found in low levels in swiss chard, turnip greens, wild garlic and onions, watercress, squash, mustard greens, watermelon, cucumber, spinach, asparagus, kale,  citrus, and pineapple.

Inorganic iodine in salt can act as local irritant causing dyspepsia, indigestion, and decreased ability to assimilate food.  Therefore, table salt as a poor food source of Iodine. There is a loss of balance between sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium with inorganic iodine use.

Sea vegetables contain all 56 minerals in addition to iodine. They are 25% protein and 2% fat, and rich sources of magnesium, iron,  and sodium. Seaweeds contain beta-carotene, B1, B5, B12, niacin, vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium and traces of vitamin D, and help to dissolve fat and mucus deposits.

  • Mild sea veggies are dulse, kombu, and arame.
  • Strong sea veggies are kelp, wakame, and hijiki

Sodium alginate is also found to be radioprotective which is also found in seaweed. This compound is used in heavy metal detoxification as it is very absorptive and aids the body in eliminating toxic compounds. Sodium Alginate:

  • Chelates Strontium 90 from bone tissue
  • Permits calcium to be available for the body
  • Brown kelp (hijiki, arame, and kombu) chelates strontium and iron
  • Red kelp (dulse) chelates plutonium
  • Green kelp chlates cesium
  • SA may cause constipation if formed into fruit gelatin

Other beneficial foods for radiation protection:

Green Tea: Camellia Sinensis may have the ability to protect cells at a microbiological level from gamma ray radiation. More research is needed.

Bee pollen: Dose: 20g or 2 tbsp three times per day. This has unclear research behind it; however, it is a traditional superfood for vitality.

  • Rejuvenates body and enhances vitality
  • It is not an allergen
  • Decreases side effects of radium and cobalt-60 radiotherapy
  • Develops a stronger immune response
  • Add to juice, soup, water, smoothies, yogurt; but do not cook

Fermented foods: miso, tempeh, tamari, shoyu, pickles, sourkraut, yogurt.

  • Stimulates the production of friendly intestinal bacteria improving immune health. It is thought that the regular consumption of Miso in Japan culture helped people recover from the Hiroshima nuclear attack although little research has been done.
  • There is some evidence that it is the soy isoflavones that are protective elements on a traditional Japanese diet. 

6. Nutritional yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisae:) take with calcium and magnesium (nutritional yeast is high in phosphate)

  • 3 tbsp daily
  • 50% protein and 18 minerals including trace minerals and Selenium.
  • Prevents oxidation of vitamin E
  • Radioprotective effects on DNA and RNA
  • Binds and absorbs uranium, lead, mercury, carbon monoxide, DDT, nitrates, nitrites.
  • Assists liver to detoxify blood
  • Side effects: gas/flatulence, start at < 1 tsp with water or juice on an empty stomach, may experience temporary itching/flushing.

Contraindications: Gout. Nutritional yeast is high in nucleic acids which are converted to purines. Do not use Brewers/Torula yeast (contain by-products)

Garlic: 1-2 cloves daily or 2 capsules of kyolic garlic

  • Cysteine – binds and deactivates radioactive isotopes, cadmium, lead, and mercury
  • Sulpher and cysteine helps liver and kidney detoxify the body


  • Decreases radiation toxicity
  • Found in broccoli, green cabbage, alfalfa, leafy greens, celery, parsley, sprouts, edible grass, sunflower greens, spirulina and chlorella 

Botanical medicine for radioprotection:

There is a long list of botanicals suggested to treat radiation poisoning; however, other than calendula topically for radiation burns, they all only have traditional or historical use rather than evidence based studies. Keep in mind, that doing clinical studies on radiation poisoning using complementary medicine may be ethically difficult at best, and historical or traditional use may in fact be the best measure of success available.

The choice of botanical medicines to use is best under the supervision of a Master Herbalist or Naturopathic Doctor educated in the pharmacological use of herbal medicine, especially if in conjunction with multiple medications.

Nutrition Essentials for Radiation Protection:

Whole grains: 40% of daily intake, 2-3 servings.

Vegetables: 25% of daily intake, 3-4 servings per day. Choose vegetables rich in calcium and chlorophyll such as collards, parsley, kale.Beets are also highly nutritive as they assist in rebuilding hemoglobin after exposure to radiation.

Beans and Legumes: 2-7% of daily intake, 1 serving

Sea veggies: 3% – 3 ounces per day

Fruit: 5% of daily intake. Choose fruits high in antioxidants – blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, dark cherries, apricots, pomegranates, mangoes.

Concentrated protein: 30% good quality organic non-GMO protiens

Recipes for Nutritional Excellence

Green Chlorophyll Drink: See www.rawfamily.com for inspiring recipes and videos for fresh greens smoothies!

Use any combination of parsley, celery, spinach, collards, turnip greens, chard, leaf or romaine lettuce, kale, endive, watercress, peeled cucumber, green cabbage, alfalfa sprouts, sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted clover seeds, or edible wheatgrass. Wash greens. Blend with water and equal amounts of fresh fruit. Can add a small amount of chopped carrot or beet. Makes 2 smoothies.

Health drink

in 8 oz green smoothie fresh, raw apple juice add:

1 tbsp primary grown nutritional yeast; 1 tbsp lecithin; 1.5 tbsp chlorella or spirulina; 2-3 tsp honey; 1 tbsp bee pollen; 1-2 tbsp carob powder; nutmeg, cinnamon, banana

Blend and drink hot or cold. I recommend taking 600mg calcium citrate and 300mg magnesium citrate alongside.

The Protector!

Mix: 1 tbsp primary grown nutritional yeast + 1 tbsp lecithin in organic apple juice.

Prevention Smoothie

Blend: Fruit such as banana, mango, pineapple, papaya, pear or ¼ cup fresh berrie; 1 tbsp bee pollen; ¼ cup organic goat or sheep yoghurt; ¼ cup organic sunflower seeds; 1 cup raw apple juice; 1 cup filtered water; ¼ cup carob powder; 2 tsp cinnamon; 1 oz chlorophyll juice; 1 tsp pure vanilla extract; 1 raw egg yolk; honey to taste

ADD: 1/2 tsp liquid extract of Siberian ginseng; 1 tsp powdered or liquid extract Panax ginseng; 1 tsp powdered dulse or kelp (kelp preferred for sodium alginate and iodine)

Add vitamins such as 600mg calcium citrate, 300mg magnesium citrate, 20 000 units vitamin A, 4000 units vitamin D, and/or 400 units vitamin E

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