Resolving an Arthritis Flare – for My Dad

Chronic inflammation can cycle into snowballs of pain that catch us off guard. For those with a familial tendency towards rheumatism, arthritis can become quite severe. Joint inflammation usually takes the autoimmune form of rheumatoid arthritis or the inflammatory/ immune joint presentation of osteoarthritis.

An acute osteoarthritis presentation can be effective managed with Naturopathic Medicine. To follow is a recipe for resolution of an acute (meaning, immediate or aggressive) flare up of arthritis that may be causing moderate to extreme pain and inhibiting mobility.

1.You will need to rest as much as possible for 7-10 days. Plan to stay home and lay low whenever possible. Get up every 2-3 hours (except while sleeping) for 10-20 minutes of stretching and gentle exercises like walking in nature, Pilates, or gentle yoga. Wii Fit balance and core strength exercises are fun and support rehabilitation.  Plan your life accordingly. You may need to work from home if possible, reschedule activities, and modify your lifestyle during this time. Remember that this is necessary to address the pain. It is likely your pain and inflammatory levels will be up to 50% resolved by the tenth day of treatment. During this time, also take a daily bath, soaking the affected joints for up to 20 minutes.  I recommend using Epsom magnesium bath salts with 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil or a bath salt of your choice. Follow with 20 minutes of icing the affected joint.

This plan will not cure your arthritis. Your will continue all conventional medications used during the treatment although you may be able to decrease pain medication as needed. This does not replace the need for surgery or other scheduled plans prescribed by your physicians and specialists.

1. For the 7-10 days spent at home, you will follow an Anti-Inflammatory Diet. This is best continued until joint replacement is successful; however, it is crucial during the initial rest window. Studies have proven that nutrition is directly linked with inflammation. By eliminating foods known to increase systemic inflammation, you can reduce your own inflammatory load. This allows your body to begin healing. For more information on The Inflammatory Diet set up an appointment with Dr. Masina Wright ND.

2. Zyflamend Nighttime- 2 capsules 3 times daily. This is a modern formulation of 6-10 botanicals to treat inflammation, joint pain and rheumatism using herbal medicine. New Chapter has combined these into an effective and well researched formula called “Zyflamend.” The PM version also contains a small amount of relaxing herbs which are helpful for supporting a restful attitude during your healing. You may continue this for up to one year’s duration before a break is needed.  This product is safe to take with most narcotic and non-narcotic pain medication including Vicodin, Oxycodone, Ibuprofen, Tylenol 3 and Ibuprofen. However, do not drive while taking this formulation. If you must drive, use the Zyflammend original formula.

3. Nordic Naturals Omega Joint Plus – 3 capsules daily with or without food. This is a premium joint care formula containing the required daily 1500mg of glucosamine sulphate as well as anti-inflammatory levels of EPA and DHA. The product is expensive at ~$50/bottle for one month supply however, it is worth it. Switch to this product during your first month of resolution treatment for best results, even if you have other fish oil or glucosamine supplements.

During your 7-10 day rest time, you can take your other supplements as well, or take a supplement vacation and focus on the above products only to streamline your protocol.

This is the skeleton treatment plan. This is a great place to start! As a Naturopathic Doctors, we individualize every treatment plan to fit each patient’s unique identity. If you do not get the results you are looking for or have trouble adhering to the program, consider seeing a ND in your area. In addition to the above protocol, specific neutraceuticals to address sleep, anxiety, digestion, or other issues may also be prescribed in a consultation. Classical homeopathy is also extremely useful in complex cases. It is safe with complicated pharmaceutical treatments and provides lasting results.


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