Women Over 30 -The New Eating Disorder

Eating Disorders Рjust as prevalent in women over 35 as they are in teens. The thirties are a time of life when, like for teenagers, life can seem extremely stressful and out of control. This is the prime ground to feed a renewed, or a new eating disorder. Family, Career, Finances, Fertility РLife can become overwhelming, and food is one thing we have been taught we can control (or not.) Recovery from binge eating, purging, calorie deprivation and/or exercise bulemia  is possible.

As a ND, lifestyle counseling and stress management are always important components of treatment for eating disorders. Giving up “dieting” and re-learning how to eat for your body type is a cornerstone. Every woman will have a different story, and unique circumstances. This is where Naturopathic Medicine shines, as Naturopathic Doctors are trained to listen, and help you come to your own solutions for regaining a sense of center amidst the uncertanties of life. Often minerals, nutrient rich foods, herbs and homeopathics are used to to restore hormonal and digestive health and emotional wellness. Psychotherapy is also needed to unpack and address childhood issues that may have led to the original eating disorder.



The National Eating Disorder Information Center is a great resource for all people affected by disordered relationships to food. Their Eating Disorder Self Checklist is an interesting and objective way to gauge your own relationship to food.




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