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Botox is a drug preparation of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The order of bacteria Clostridium all has a physical similarity that they cause “profound paralysis or profound contractive spasmodic conditions…” (Klein, Miasms and Nosodes Book 2009 p. 90) This is true from a homeopathic, bacterial, and drug perspective.

Getting Botox injections are part of many peoples reality. It smoothes the effects of stress and tension on the facial muscles, imparting a more youthful, relaxed visage. Botox is not for everyone, and for some, it can be a one or two time treatment for specific events – weddings, career moves, mid life crisis! After many years of considering it, I had a first (and follow up) Botox treatment this year for my 38th Birthday from Kathy Molloy RN – a well-established and experienced Botox expert at Akari who loves to see facial transformations. It was a positive experience for 3 reasons:

1. I did pre and post care using teas and homeopathic remedies to ensure the best treatment success for the therapy. Botulism is a serious condition, which can be fatal. Very few people have statistically negative results from cosmetic dermal procedures, but side effects are possible.  To counteract possible side effects of the Botox Injection, I took Homeopathic Arnica and Ledum before the injection, and a single remedy from the Clostridium group of remedies after the injection that best fit my symptom picture. When I went in for a secondary set of injections and follow up, I was lazy and did not do my prophylactic treatment, as my initial treatment had been such a success!  I had a headache for 4-5 days afterwards, and some very tender spots where the injections had gone in. I may have also had a slight transient droop in my right eyelid. This proved to me that prevention is the best medicine! Taking homeopathic remedies to counteract the possible side effects proved more effective than not taking the safe, and inexpensive remedies.

2. The best Botox effects result in youthful transformation.  Transforming the face to erase lines may sound like a simple paralytic procedure, but you are actually asking your body to release muscle memories. My experience of this was that I needed to consciously release some old anger and frustrations in the first few days after the treatment, to help my body align with the new muscle structure.  Think about it  – all those years of frowning were for reasons; addressing the emotional context on a physical AND emotional level allowed for more profound transformation.

3. Headaches are a very common side effect – as the biochemical systems of the body are literally metabolizing the toxic Botox substance.  Improving your lymphatic circulation through local massage and gentle detoxification support allows your body to more easily transform the chemical. Too much detoxification, and the Botox drug may actually not work as well as you hope! Not enough detoxification, and flu like symptoms, headache, facial pain, nausea and prolonged redness will result.

I also saw Hadley Clark L. AC from Zenkai Acupuncture for a post-Botox acupuncture treatment to eliminate my headaches. She was wonderful!  Traditional Chinese Medicine has an entire system of care devoted to Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture -designed to reduce fine lines, improve skin tone and texture, and eliminate redness. Following a Botox treatment with a facial acupuncture series, or having a series done when a new Botox injection would be indicated is one way to make the effects of Botox last longer, to decrease the amount of injections, and to address facial aging from a more holistic perspective.

Many people were surprised that as a ND, I would even consider Botox.  Naturopathic Medicine is not against the science of (anti-aging) pharmaceuticals, nor is it only “natural” products. It is a system of medicine that offers individualized care, grounded in the understanding that given the correct support, the body has the wisdom to heal itself.  Naturopathic Medicine uses the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies needed for each case – in this case to support the toxic therapy at hand!

Why use homeopathy? Because it is the safest, and most effective way to counteract the side effects of invasive medical treatments. Homeopathy believes that many substances, but especially bacterial, viral and fungal infections, can create a genetic taint or footprint that continues to affect cellular expression beyond the primary infection. These “taints” or “miasms” can affect the genetic memory enough to cause intergenerational health problems.  If you are willingly introducing very toxic bacteria into your system, for beauty (or pain relief) isn’t it worth also addressing the potential long-term negative ramifications from the start?

To Book a Facial Rejuvenation Support Treatment, please call 207-233-3944. The initial consultation is 45 minutes, with a post-injection follow up phone or Skype consult


“The most common side effects of injections around the eyes and in the face include temporary bruising, eyelid drooping (ptosis), dry eyes, and double vision (diplopia) (Hsiung 2002; Tan 2002), and facial droop can occur with injections into the cheek. “

“Check with your doctor if any of these most COMMON side effects persist or become bothersome when using Botox: Anxiety; arm pain; back pain; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; dry or irritated eyes; facial pain; flu-like symptoms; headache; inability to focus the eyes; increased cough; indigestion; nausea; neck pain; pain, redness, swelling, or tenderness at the injection site; runny nose; sensitivity to light; stiff or weak muscles at or near the injection site; tiredness; sweating.

Seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side effects occur when using Botox: Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue; unusual hoarseness); bleeding at the injection site; chest pain; difficulty swallowing or breathing; double or blurred vision, or other vision changes; drooping of the upper eyelid; eyelid swelling; fainting; fever, chills, or persistent sore throat; irregular heartbeat; loss of bladder control; loss of strength; paralysis; seizures; severe or persistent muscle weakness or dizziness; shortness of breath; speech changes or problems; worsening migraine.”


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  1. I have been getting botox for a number of years and this is the first time I have read about it from a holistic perspective. THANK YOU. I always feel like it is a dirty secret and never want to tell my health practitioners. Yet it has greatly benefited my self-esteem and my counselling work – my clients perceive me as ‘calm’ and collected. :o) Should I speak to my own Naturopathic Doctor about Arnica and Ledum (before the injection) and Clostridium (after the injection ). I am currently taking some other remedies and suspect it isn’t safe to ‘mix’.

    • Thanks for commenting! I would definately tell your ND – its part of your overall case. And, when using multiple homeopathics its always best to disclose the whole picture. All the Best! Masina

  2. My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find nearly all of your post’s to be what precisely I’m looking for.
    can you offer guest writers to write content in your case?
    I wouldn’t mind writing a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write in relation to here. Again, awesome blog!

  3. I had botox injection 3 weeks ago and 8 had Droopy eyebrows 5 days after injection. Is there any homeopathy remedy that can overcome my problem?

    • Hello! There are more than 30 remedies that could be indicated. I would need to do a consulation with you in order to determine which one was right. In the meantime, contact teh person who gave you the treatment to see of you can get it corrected,

      Take care!

  4. Thanks for publishing the very real risks of receiving botulinum toxin injections. As you stated, there a millions of people that have received treatments with no ill effects, but I am unfortunately one of the individuals who became severely ill after treatments, and am still suffering on a daily basis, 4 years later. The toxin spread axonally through my nervous system, and affected my ability to walk, speak, swallow, breathe….I was hospitalized and on disability for several months. I still suffer from seizures and muscle weakness, among other lingering symptoms that are typical of toxic damage to the nervous system.

    I am not unique nor alone. There are over 36,000 thousands reports of adverse events to the FDA, and I am one of hundreds of women ( and men) around the world who are working hard to inform the public and other medical professionals regarding what CAN and DOES happen to people (the Black Box warning is real….but implies problems happen only at high doses…but it happens at extremely low doeses as well). We are forming support groups to help others who have fallen victim to this illness.

    Most of us have found some help from the alternate medical community, although there is no magic bullet when it comes to recovery from what we call “botulism syndrome”. We have termed it a syndrome as our symptoms go beyond that which is currently understood and documented in the medical literature. With less than 20-25 cases of food Bourne botulsim diagnosed per year in the US and virtually no long term outcome studies, there is little to no understanding in the medical community regarding the long term physiological effects of this toxin, nor is ther ANY understanding regarding its elimination.

    With all that being said, I just felt it was important that your readers understand that even with homeopathic pre-treatment protocol, having botulinum toxin treatments is like playing a game of Russian roulette. I know many women who received treatments for years without issue, and then suddenly became sick after their “last” treatment, while others became sick after there first and only one. I also know of a naturopathic physician in California who became seriously ill after injections, and speaks openly about her experience on her website. She has developed some treatment protocols for recovery, but admits that recovery can indeed take years.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share this information. I am happy to provide further comment, provide referenced published medical data or links to support websites.

    • YOu mention: ” I am not unique nor alone. There are over 36,000 thousands reports of adverse events to the FDA”.

      WOW! What supportive website would you recommend? My nervous system and life has been hit hard after my first Botox treatment, with insomnia. Interested in therapies in Canada and immediate treatment, as I’m freaked out now about my health.

    • Wow!
      Thank you for sharing this!!! I’m sorry it has happened to you! ?
      I’ll be helping spread this around, as I believe people should be more informed before putting anything into their bodies!

      It would be wonderful if you could share group pages (Facebook etc) and resources for people wanting to know more!

    • Dear Soloist,

      I know it’s been four years since you posted this, but I would love to see the referenced, published medical data/links to support websites. I received Botox just one time back in 2005, and it ruined my life. I think it immediately migrated from the injection location–between my eyebrows. I know even Allergen says it can migrate 3 cm’s. That’s pretty much right into the forebrain. 3 centimeters is a little over an inch–in all directions. I also think I had been bitten by a tick at the time, and so had Lyme disease as well–also an extremely underreported health epidemic. I will try to find out more about the naturopathic physician in California that you speak of. I would love to hear more from a doctor who understands what can happen, and that it isn’t so rare after all.

  5. Hi, I assume the same process would work prior to Dermal fillers such as Restylane? Ledum and Arnica beforehand (how soon before the procedure and is a 30 ok or should it be stronger?) but not the Clostridium afterwards?
    Thank you for the very informative post.

  6. I too suffer from terrible side effects for months. botox seeps into the central nervous system and brain, it has now been proved by a study at Queensland university Austrlalia. The botox affects acetylcholine receptors all over the body and not just in the areas it is supposed to target hence panic attacks brain fog and other crippling neurological symptoms, other neurotransmitters like dopamine and seratonin also get affected causing depression and other long term side effects, never again will I put this poison near my body ,,,what was I thinking

  7. Hello, I recently had a Botox treatment done and I noticed that I a definitely more anxious since. I also woke up one night last week with night sweats. In fact my sleep has been messed up since. I have gotten botox in the past and don’t recall having this happen but it is possible I just never made the connection. I am also more in tune with my body. Is there anything I can take to help reverse or alleviate this? I do not like feeling this way.

    Thank you!


    • Hello! Sometimes we respond better or worse to medications according to what else is going on. Doing lymphatic support like nettle tea, iris or cleavers tinctures after Botox may help your body metabolize the effects of the injections without damaging the mechanism of action. There are specific homeopathic remedies associated with the Botox bacterial toxin that a trained classical homeopath can prescribe based on your individual symptoms. It is unlikely that botox would affect sleep directly but anxiety certainly can. Take Care!

  8. I had 200 units for low back pain, next day was severely sick legs burned when I walk next day kidneys shut down and was told by 2 separate Dr’s that can’t happen with botox. So I was told I had the flu, 6 days later in ER getting 3 bags of fluids. I have had so many issues from leg numbness, blood pressure spikes, extremely fatigued, increased heat sensation and still having Dr’s tell me can’t be from botox. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for 20yrs and have seen how companies spin side effects. It is so frustrating when no one can tell me anything about how I am feeling and what to do. I have found a NP at my neurologist that has taken some interstate but just emailed me (a Dr in my office was in botox studies and botox is out of your system in 6wks so it can’t be botox. My muscles and peripheral nervous system is so messed up now being told my cpk2 is high, what damaged my heart too. Why do Dr’s not know how is the company getting away with this shit destroying lives for a profit. I lost my job because of my extreme weakness and almost my marriage and have been at times so depressed that I saw no way forward. It is 5yrs old and still not 1 real answer. If I didn’t keep pushing they would have dismissed me completely. It is real and looking for anyone to help with what test what type of Dr ect……. thx

    • So sorry you have gone through this! A good homeopathic doctor is probably your best best as it has been so long since the original insult. I recommend he is expensive, but he was the one that taught me about the recovery botox treatments from the beginning. Sorry you are having such a hard time.

  9. Good morning,

    I am considering having a facelift but am also interested in botox. I have a had a very rough two years and the evidence is on my face. Jowls, frown lines are now facial features that reflect that recent past. I’m on a new path now and would very much like to be able to look at myself in the mirror and see the present. Right now, I don’t want to look.
    What would you suggest as a first step?
    Thank you so much,
    Jeannie Friedman

  10. Good morning,

    I am considering having a facelift but am also interested in botox. I have had a very rough two years and the evidence is on my face. Jowls, frown lines are now facial features that reflect that recent past. I’m on a new path now and would very much like to be able to look at myself in the mirror and see the present. Right now, I don’t want to look.
    What would you suggest as a first step?
    Thank you so much,
    Jeannie Friedman

    • There is alot that can be done with facial cosmetic enhancement now that is not as invasive as a face lift – botox and jeuvederm can do a pretty good job of restoring your face to what you are happy with – good nutrition, lots of water, exercise and high quality skin care are also neccessary. I recommend meeting with some local experts and getting a couple of opinions and quotes. Are you in Maine? I like Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, the doctors are amazing and can give you an honest opnion and help you figure out your options.

  11. Hi there,
    I’m hoping you have some advice…
    I had botox 7 days ago and I’m very much regretting that decision. The following day after injections i had swelling around my eyes and nose (bridge) and my left eyelid has hooded double from the inside corner. I look tired and puffy! My eyebrows also lowered.
    I’m taking Arnica 30c as of 2 days ago, but i really want to rid myself of the botox as quick as possible.
    Are you able to recommend any other homeopathic remedies to help with swelling of eyes or Hypericum to help reactivate the nerves quicker?
    I have swollen glands today and feel unwell, i have a feeling botox is not for me. Pls any advice will be much appreciated!
    Thankyou, Taneal

  12. Hi! I got Botox December of 2015 and a week later my breathing was interrupted a little and I coughed and hacked for months… It findly stopped may 2016 and now it’s back again! I went back to my dermatologist and I told her what was going on and she said this was impossible… So I went to a ENT and of course he gives the Botox injections also and he said it was impossible and I know Botox is what has messed me up!! I hate I even got it done! I don’t know what to do!! I just want to get over the chest congestion that keeps coming and going!!!! This is horrible! If anyone can give me some idea on what to do to get this poison out of my body… Please tell me how!!!
    Thank you for listening

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  14. Hello! I wanted to ask.. what can help me? I got Botox December of 2016 and a couple days later.. I had post nasal drip and a week later.. I was wheezing and hacking and coughing!!!! I went back to the dermatologist and I ask her can Botox affect your sinuses and she said absolutely not. Ur sinuses are behind the skull. Then she says.. do you need an ENT and I said.. I guess so! Her ENT said it was impossible for me to have draining and coughing, wheezing, my eyes were burning! I had massive migraines! I felt faintly!! It messed with my anxiety, and blood pressure!! And the only person that said I was allergic was my neurologist! They send you there when you have reactions to Botox! Anyhow I’m a year and 1 month out from my last injections and here I am still coughing, hacking with restricted breathing!! What can I do to help me be normal again!! I’m begging someone to help me!!!

  15. All, I had Dysport in April 2016, extreme acute vertigo in June 2016. Not thinking about the injection and vertigo connection I had Dysport again in July. Within two weeks I vebvams sensitive to light, sound, vertigo, nausea and severe teeth clenching that I fractured a tooth. I still didn’t make the connection. In October 2016 I had Botox (did mention the vertigo to aesthetician & of course “she never heard about that”). Immediately I got flu like symptoms started having panic attacks, crazy anxiety, fatigue, loss of appetite, eye fluttering, loss of feeling in hands, intense vertigo and nausea. Finally I read the warning labels and sure enough all my symptoms were there. I’ve had so many tests and read so many stories, spoke with a toxicologist , neurologist & everyone says the same thing. Because it’s not science backed it’s not really acknowledged- they say it’s medicine and anything can happen but we haven’t heard of it. I’ve searched high and low and nothing about if the damage is permanent or treatment. You have to just wait it out. I am terrified not knowing what the damage is. I know my entire central nervous system is affected and all over some stupid choice I didn’t research and at 35 no knowing when my life will return to normal.

  16. Masina I had some unfavourable results with restalyne injections and do not want to go with vitrase to dissolve it because there is a chance that it can dissolve your own Hylaronic Acid and cause thinning of your own skin, so I’m wondering if there is something I can take homeopathic wise that could help possibly expel / metabolize the product quicker in a natural way over injecting a harsh enzyme to dissolve … any suggestions?
    God Bless

  17. I had botox for migraines on January 11, 2017. By that evening I developed the worst migraine I have ever had. On January 14th I was taken by ambulance to the hospital as I had passed out and had a severe panic/anxiety attack. This has continued for 10 months with each trip to the emergency room or doctor’s being told it’s just anxiety and I need to relax at which time I am given drugs to knock me out. I am now to the point that my toes are numb, I am always lightheaded, I have tingling in my arms, neck and face, a rapid burning sensation coming up my body at any time, a heavy chest feeling making it hard to breath, dry mouth and hard to swallow. I am at a total loss what to do, every where I go they tell me I am just having anxiety and to see a psychiatrist. I am currently taking Amitripoline, Metroprolol and Xanax which I believe is being given to treat me as a crazy person. None of this is working, it only makes me lightheaded. Please tell me there is help for me and this can be reversed. I had to take a leave from work. I just want my life back. The ironic part is the neurologist who administered the botox admitted to causing the migraine saying she gave me more than usual but she now refuses to return my calls or help me.

    • Its likley the botox uncovered another neurological problem = I would find a second opinion bc that sounds very difficult. You could seek a homeopathic doctor in your area to treat the effects as well, or make an appointment with who taight me about the homeopathic botox protocol. But botox wears off within 3 months, and really does have local effects rarely systemic.

  18. You have not got a clue what you are talking about. Your ignorance and total lack of knowledge on this subject is astounding.
    There is NO safe protocol for Botox. It is deadly and harms, every time ! Even if hat is not apparent at first.
    I am 3 years down the road from my Botox poisoning, I have two official Diagnoses of Iatrogenic Botulism from Botox injections in the face.
    I have a permanent right sided facial paralysis, the toxin destroyed my cranial 7 facial nerve. I have systemic weakness, tremors, loss of mental acuity, loss of eyesight, losss of hearing and I suffewas multiple seizures daily as the toxin is now in my brain!
    I have lost a wonderful career travelling the globe lecturing in my professional field and am now bed bound 70% of the time.

    You don’t have a clue of what you speak. And it is this sort of moronic attitude that will see people further harmed because YOU think you have a “protocol ”
    Shame on you

    You are playing Russian Roulette with your life
    Peace ✌?

    • TruthSpeaker will you please contact me. I have the same severe progression of iatrogenic botulism as you have. I had tried botox only one time for treating depression between they eye brows. The poison has spread first through my whole body and then half year later through my head and face. My whole head is shrinking from bone loss, muscle loss and nerve damage. My eyes deeper and small and hollow. My nose standing up and small and mouth crooked and small with no feeling anymore. My skin is like plastic.The nerve pain in my eyes and the muscle spasms throughout my whole body and head are harder to cope with. I sleep 18 hours a day. No help only sadism and intimidation from doctors, refusing to even look at the scientific evidence and the black warning label. Instead i received the diagnosis and stigma psychotic.While i also have an overbite now from muscle loss which i predicted, knowing from other victims. Photos so all evidence but no doctor wants to admit. As a mother of 2 young children, I am deeply traumatized.

  19. I am sorry to hear you have been so ill from this poison…what has anyone suggested to rid yourself of this stuff…surely science has something we can do…I got my first injection 5 weeks ago and have been very very sick….does anyone do something that works????

  20. TruthSpeaker is an appropriate name. You are 100% right. There is NO safe protocol for avoiding the affects of botulinum poisoning. Botox was developed as a biological war weapon. It was designed to kill and disable humans. Every injection is systemic. Inject the left leg muscle and the damage will show up in the right leg by use of a single fiber EMG. The medical literature about the dangers of Botox are out there, but it buried under articles paid for by pharmaceuticals.

    These “side effects” are actually SYMPTOMS of a disease referred to as botulism. Research “botulism” or “mild botulism” or “iatrogenic botulism” for a clearer understanding of the disease. Then, read the warning label on Botox and you will recognize the “coincidence” between botulism and Botox.

    Botulism is caused by botulinum toxin. Botox IS botulinum toxin, purified, which means it toxicity is increased. Hard to imagine, considering botulinum toxin is already the most lethal substance known to man.

    • Moderator please let me talk to Truthspeaker and Carla Lamma as we have the same severe damage. I wrote another message earlier but was waiting for your permission. I am severely poisoned and have two children. It is very important to me to talk with Truthspeaker. I live in the Netherlands. Thank you.

  21. Im ill after dysport injections, im so young only in my 20’s. Should have stayed away. Emergency says I’m all normal with anxiety when I cant breathe and have chest tightness. Never had tremors and all these messed up symptoms before dysport. So scary if I fucked myself up in my 20’s. I was beautiful 🙁

  22. I received dysport a month ago in Canada. I am only 25 and I am so ill. They dont believe me but I was perfectly happy and normal and healthy before. They messed up my eyes I told them I didnt want my eyes injected as I didnt need it and she told me I did. Now I have itchy painful eyes and I’m in school. Should have never done this to myself I was perfect before and now my eyebrows are down to my eyelids and my eyelashes are falling out. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM DYSPORT. ITS EVIL. I’m praying this shit wears off soon I feel like I’m dying and no one believes me.

  23. I developed serve dry mouth, nose and eyes after 75 units of Botox in my jaw muscles to treat tooth grinding (off label use). Still having the same symptoms after 3 months, I pray to God these fade over time as the Botox works it’s way out of my system. Never again!!

  24. I developed severe dry mouth, nose and eyes after 75 units of Botox in my jaw muscles to treat tooth grinding (off label use). Still having the same symptoms after 3 months, I pray to God these fade over time as the Botox works it’s way out of my system. Never again!!

  25. Hi, wow very old post still getting comments.
    Question you mention in your article, arnica and ledum and then “single remedy from the Clostridium group ” but never say what it is? If it was mentioned somewhere in the years of comments, apologies I did not read through them all. Was more interested in your article.

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