A Little About Me

I had an unusual childhood that has certainly influenced my career. When I was three my mother  and I moved into Kripalu Yoga Ashram in rural Pennsylvania. http://www.kripalu.org. Kripalu has had many incarnations from the early 70’s, and is now a beautiful holistic health center in western Massachusettes. At the time, it was a residential community based on the classic principals of yoga. We ate a macrobiotic diet, and lived a simple lifestyle. I was not vaccinated, and treated primarily with homeopathic medicines for all my childhood fevers and such.  As the community developed into a retreat center for spiritual learning and the yoga teacher training programs developed, the community moved to the current site in Lenox, MA.

I was at Kripalu on and off for 18 years until the community formally changed from a non-profit religious residential community in 1995 to a for profit holistic health center. I left in 1987 for boarding school, and then attended Middlebury College in 1991 so I only lived there a few summers after age 13. Still, the influences of diet and nutrition, stress management,  healthy lifestyle and homeopathy as remedies for our modern disease are at my very core.


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